Monitorix Guard zum Feuchtemonitoring


The early warning system for moisture ingress



The early warning system for moisture ingress

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Wood and water are arch-enemies. At least in timber construction. As an expert, you know best that condensation, leaks, waterlogging or obstructed moisture can lead to serious damage in wooden buildings, which must be repaired at great cost.

With the innovative Monitorix® system, you can help your customers prevent this expensive damage and save money. Already integrated in the construction phase or subsequently applied for renovations and overplastering, the system independently monitors the moisture content in the wall and floor. Thanks to regular reports as well as notifications in case of moisture ingress, countermeasures can be taken immediately if necessary. Rotten wood and mould are now a thing of the past.

Monitorix Guard zum Feuchtemonitoring

Big plus for you

In a property monitored with Monitorix® there will hardly be any cases that you will have to remedy under warranty. And that remains the case for a (building’s) lifetime!

Questions about Monitorix®?

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Icon Rostfrei
Icon Wasserbeständig / Wasserabweisend
Icon für "Kein Brandbeschleuniger"
Not an accelerant

The advantages of the Monitorix®

innovative monitoring system for damp and water ingress in wooden components

Tested technology (expert opinion of TU Chemnitz)

Unobtrusive system that can be easily integrated during construction or renovation

Free installation by our SIHGA technician on tour in cooperation with the architect

Report with exact location of the damage

Immediate protection directly after installation and during the entire period of use

Securing the value of real estate in timber construction

Retrofitting also possible (surface-mounted system)

Free planning and dimensioning by our experienced dimensioning specialists

Reliable monitoring of all trades

Lower building insurance premiums

Prevents warranty claims due to moisture

Simple processing – you send us your floor plan, we calculate your non-binding offer and our technicians on tour take care of the professional installation.

Icon für Feuchteeintritt im Holzbau
Early detection
Icon Rechtssicherheit
Legal certainty
Icon Zuverlässige Kontrolle
Reliable control
Icon Versicherungsvorteil
Insurance benefit

The areas of application of Monitorix®

Monitorix® can be integrated into the intelligent planning of new buildings or retrofitted for renovations and special projects.

Einfamilienhaus mit Flachdach - Feuchtemonitoring

Flat roof

Detached houses, halls

Wet room

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms

Holzbau Dachunterkonstruktion

Wooden structure

Everywhere where water flows

There is no such thing as a leak-proof flat roof, only a flat roof that is not leaking at the moment.
Source: WIEHAG
Moisture damage is the Achilles' heel of timber construction.
Source: Martin Mohrmann, expert in structural timber engineering
After one episode of water damage, the probability of a second episode of water damage is 60 per cent.
Source: fachagentur holz

Our references

How it works

In the desired area of the building, the sensors are installed by our technicians on tour. These send their measured values continuously to a terminal that is protected in a technical room. This is where the data is evaluated. The owner can immediately see the current status via a traffic light system – in the event of damage, the exact location and time of occurrence of the damage is reported. Detailed, even historical data can be accessed via a cloud server.

Tested quality

The tests carried out by the OFI have confirmed the functionality of the moisture sensor and its applicability to various insulation materials.

Dr Peter Paul Pázmándy, OFI expert on adhesive bonding

The sensors were tested in a climate chamber and climate cabinet and exposed to different, sometimes extreme temperatures and humidity levels. There was good agreement between the measured air humidities and the reference sensors of Holzforschung Austria.

Dr Julia Bachinger, expert at Holzforschung Austria

The sensor is resistant to mould and ageing, resistant to the effects of pressure and shear stress and can be used in any climate.

Prof. Arved C. Hübler, TU Chemnitz

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